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 (ē′thē-ŏp′ĭk, -ō′pĭk)
See Ge'ez.
1. Of or relating to Ge'ez.
2. Ethiopian.


(ˌiːθɪˈɒpɪk; -ˈəʊpɪk)
1. (Languages) the ancient language of Ethiopia, belonging to the Semitic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family: a Christian liturgical language. See also Ge'ez
2. (Languages) the group of languages developed from this language, including Amharic, Tigre, and Tigrinya
3. (Languages) denoting or relating to this language or group of languages
4. a less common word for Ethiopian


(ˌi θiˈɒp ɪk, -ˈoʊ pɪk)

the subgroup of Semitic languages spoken in Ethiopia.
[1650–60; < Latin]
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Other early translations of the Bibles appeared in the Syriac dialect of Aramaic, in the Ge'ez language in Ethiopia and in Latin in Western Europe.
According to a certain Midrash, however, the contact goes back even further--to the time of Moses and his Ethiopian wife (Numbers 12:1) Whatever the veracity of such legends, the discovery in Ethiopia of such lost important Jewish literary works like the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees, the strong Jewish theological flavor of the Ge'ez language, and the overall Jewish molding of Ethiopian culture all attest to a long history of interaction.
Attending church every weekend is of utmost importance, where priests use the ancient Ge'ez language even though it is not understood by the general public.