gear box

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Noun1.gear box - the shell (metal casing) in which a train of gears is sealed
casing, shell, case - the housing or outer covering of something; "the clock has a walnut case"
transmission system, transmission - the gears that transmit power from an automobile engine via the driveshaft to the live axle
transmission shaft - rotating shaft that transmits rotary motion from the engine to the differential
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The expansion, completed in two years, has doubled Elecon's gear box manufacturing capacity to 1,000 a month.
If the steering wheel is repeatedly and firmly turned to the full lock position, nuts in the power steering gear box may become loose, forcing the driver to exert considerable efforts to steer the car, Toyota said in a report to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Lifeboat crew found the 32ft trawler, called 'Razznazz' RB52, having difficulties with its gear box and towed it back to safety at 4.
In CNC machine tools, the adjusting function of the main kinematic chain is achieved by an DC or AC electric motor with adjustable speed, combined with a gear box (GB) with a step number m = 2 .
Reifenhauser says most of its new extruder orders specify REItorque motors, which are priced nearly comparable to a conventional motor plus gear box.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of gear box with actuator for 1600nb butterfly valve at cw pumps
Crews took more than an hour to reach the boat, named as Annabel, which had suffered gear box failure and was drifting further and further out to sea.
In our case we will handle the reparation of the gear box which is used in excavator with rotor in open pit mining (Power 400 kW).
Although only a curiosity, the three-gear assembly proves another point: "It shows that we could assemble a gear box if someone wanted us to," says Winzeler.
During low rpm operation, yon may notice a continual drip from the #10 seal area of the reduction gear box (RGB) without blue exhaust smoke or a measurable oil loss.
said Tuesday it is recalling a total of 38,447 Jeep Cherokee units due to possible defects at the fittings of their steering wheel and gear box.