Gear cutter

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a machine or tool for forming the teeth of gear wheels by cutting.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Keith Lodge, of Cowlersley, spent much of his life working as a gear cutter at the firm following five years of service for the Duke of Wellington's regiment.
After the war, he returned to Morgan Construction Co., where he worked as a machinist and gear cutter more than 40 years, retiring in 1984.
Patent models for a gear cutter and a steamboat paddlewheel have also found a place in the Oval Office.
So, too, have some obscure artifacts, such as patent models for a gear cutter and a steamboat paddlewheel, that now sit in the Oval Office.Aa
Frank worked at Standard Triumph as a gear cutter and later at Argos as a shop steward.
Mr Lodge, who had grown up in Sheepridge, returned home to England where he began working as a gear cutter at engineering firm David Brown's in Lockwood.
For 33-year-old Mark, a gear cutter at Massey for the past seven years, has used the 12 months between the closure announcement and the dole queue to start his own company and create his own job.
I had known him for six years since he joined our engineering company in Lockwood where he worked as a gear cutter.
A precision gear cutter, he was not allowed to enter the military during World War II, as his skills were too vital to the war effort.
The demonstration was based on gear cutter design, which is a broadly comparable process and involves many parameters.