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v. shift·ed, shift·ing, shifts
1. To exchange (one thing) for another of the same class: shifted assignments among the students.
2. To move or transfer from one place or position to another.
3. To alter (position or place).
4. To change (gears), as in an automobile.
5. Linguistics To alter phonetically as part of a systematic historical change.
1. To change position, direction, place, or form.
a. To provide for one's own needs; get along: "See me safe up: for my coming down, I can shift for myself" (Thomas More).
b. To get along by tricky or evasive means.
3. To change gears, as when driving an automobile.
4. Linguistics To be altered as part of a systematic historical change. Used of speech sounds.
5. To use a shift key.
1. A change from one person or configuration to another; a substitution.
a. A group of workers that relieve another on a regular schedule.
b. The working period of such a group: worked the night shift.
a. A means to an end; an expedient.
b. A stratagem; a trick.
4. A change in direction: a shift in the wind.
5. A change in attitude, judgment, or emphasis.
6. A change in position, as:
a. Music A change of the hand position in playing the violin or a similar instrument.
b. Football A rearrangement of players from one formation to another just prior to the snap of the ball.
c. Baseball A rearrangement of one or more fielders for improved defense against a particular hitter.
d. Geology See fault.
e. Computers Movement of characters in a register to the left or right, as of the bits in a byte.
7. The act or an instance of using a shift key.
8. Physics A change in wavelength, causing a movement of a spectral band or line.
9. Linguistics
a. A systematic change of the phonetic or phonemic structure of a language.
b. Functional shift.
a. A loosely fitting dress that hangs straight from the shoulder; a chemise.
b. A woman's undergarment; a slip or chemise.

[Middle English shiften, from Old English sciftan, to arrange, divide.]

shift′er n.
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Noun1.shifter - a stagehand responsible for moving sceneryshifter - a stagehand responsible for moving scenery
stage technician, stagehand - an employee of a theater who performs work involved in putting on a theatrical production
2.shifter - a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gearsshifter - a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gears; "in Britain they call a gearshift a gear lever"
mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
automotive vehicle, motor vehicle - a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails


(Theat) → Kulissenschieber(in) m(f)
(US Aut, bicycle) → Schalthebel m
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The equipment list includes 17 inch alloy wheels, electric windows, climate control air conditioning, Toyota Touch 2 with nine speakers, radio/CD & Multimedia connectivity, rear view camera, Bluetooth, cruise control, Smart entry & start system, leather steering wheel and gear shift knob, fabric seat and door trim, seven airbags, VSC with Active Traction Control, hill-start assist control and Downhill Assist Control.
And the cabin is fitted with a TRD driver''s bucket seat, gear shift knob, ignition button and oil pressure and water temperature gauges.
The center console features a round gear shift knob and push-button start - its location exclusive to Soul in the Kia lineup - which also are direct carryovers from Track'ster.
And inside, each of the 100 cars has uniquely numbered door sill guards, red accented gear shift knob and red trimmed carpet mats.
Hybrid gear shift knob, with blue insert with parking brake and blue stitching
The vehicle features a sharply-raked beltline, more angular glasshouse silhouette and longer front doors, new, black-finished mesh insert and central bar with new sportier fog lamp clusters consisting of round spots connected to LED daytime running light strips, and a new orange interior trim, including orange colour stitching on the steering wheel, gear shift knob and door armrest.
Stepping inside the stylishly new 2013 Corolla Exclusive, one can immediately feel the air of exclusivity created by the rich woodgrain panelling that adorns the front console along with woodgrain steering wheel and gear shift knob.
Inside the hybrid is distinguished by the extensive use of hybrid blue, both in the stitching on the seats, the instrument illumination and the gear shift knob.
The interior remains generously spacious and elegant with upgraded characteristics such as the exclusive 4-spoke leather steering, leather gear shift knob, plating inner door handles, sporty chrome pedals and metallic door trim ornament.
And that means Alcantara and leather upholstery, a leather-trimmed sports steering wheel, leather gear shift knob - on manual models - 14-inch alloy wheels and Tempest Black metallic exterior paint finish.
AndthatmeansAlcantaraand leather upholstery, a leather-trimmed sports steering wheel, leather gear shift knob - on manual models - 14in alloy wheels and Tempest Black metallic exterior paint finish.
Thanks to heated, nappa leather black seats with yellow double stitching and reflective stripes, while the 3-spoke steering wheel and gear shift knob are also finished in nappa leather.