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The new Mustang Bullitt is available in Dark Highland Green or Shadow Black, with a black interior featuring green stitching on the dash, door panels and centre console and seats, and a white cue-ball gear shifter knob.
Inside, there are black leather seats with light grey stitching, a perforated leather-trimmed steering wheel and a bespoke GT-Line design leather gear shifter.
Its aggressive and futuristic design is further accentuated by link type gear shifter, unique spilt grab rails, stylish alloy wheels, hugger fender and muscular graphics.
But don't worry if you can't find the gear shifter because Honda decided to automate the shifting part through the nifty electronic gear selector.
Its knurled bezel complements the finish on the start/stop button, gear shifter and pedals.
The hooded yob circles on the road before throwing a dark object - a bike gear shifter - at the window.
They accuse the car maker of concealing a gear shifter design defect linked to rollaway accidents.
The Lounge version adds air conditioning, front fog lights, steering wheel remote controls and gear shifter trimmed in leather and 16-inch alloy wheels for a premium of PS1,000.
com/jeep-grand-cherokee-to-get-software-fix-to-prevent-rollaways/) released a software patch that it says will fix the electronic gear shifter.
The key interior styling feature is a gently angled centre stack that houses many of the minor controls and the gear shifter, reminiscent in design to that found on the iconic Carrera GT supercar.
However, another Model A feature that came in handy for dates was the way the transmission gear shifter worked.
These can affect a person's ability to use the gas pedal, brake, steering wheel, gear shifter and so on; they can also affect an individual's ability to judge distances, pay attention to multiple factors simultaneously, make rapid decisions and respond quickly.