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It is to be equipped with a 2.0 petrol engine and offers 16 inch alloy wheels, leather steering wheel and gear stick, electronic climate control and Volvo's stability system (DSTC).
Microbiologists at Aston University discovered that on average the dirtiest part of the car is the gear stick, with 356 germs identified every square centimetre.
The fish firm boss is thought to have caught his clothing on the gear stick while climbing on to the mower.
But as the night wore on, the Porsche was hit with a fuel problem and Cameron picked up a puncture and the gear stick broke.
The vehicle's interior shares styling cues with the Toyota Corolla, and the gear stick of the new Prius hybrid has been moved from the dash to the centre console.
It also emerged the rocket launcher had been missing parts on the gear stick and throttle at the time of the accident, and Lance Bombardier Rook had not sat a formal test to drive the vehicle.
The brake pedal went slack and the gear stick jammed.
Driver has straight back, arms bent, one hand on gear stick. Symptoms ( headaches and eyestrain, feet cramp;
The high-seated FR-V looks and feels robust inside and out, with the fascia-mounted gear stick providing a neat solution to keeping the area below clutter-free for the middle passenger.
Teams have to name as many of the numbers on their car's gear stick as possible.
POLICE followed drug dealer Anthony Gilmurray after a tip-off and when they stopped his car they found pounds 38,000 of heroin under the gear stick.