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Noun1.Geb - Egyptian god of the earthGeb - Egyptian god of the earth; father of Osiris and Isis
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In Egyptian cosmology Nut (the Sky) is thrust and held apart from her brother Geb (the Earth) by their father Shu, who corresponds to the Greek Atlas.
Calvert was promoted to general manager at GEB America in 2013 after serving as vice president of marketing and sales for the network.
When training was complete, Godrick returned to GEB for finishing training.
This paper examines the development of the GEB market, focusing specifically on its overpricing problem.
Mr Harkins says this first GEB from NS&I should be judged not so much by eventual return as the fact that savers slept soundly in their beds while the FTSE-100 sank as low as 3,400 in March 2003.
A GEB (Guaranteed Equity Bond) also guarantees to repay all your capital, plus a set percentage even if the stock market falls between start and maturity dates.
They have conducted lengthy interviews with General President Coia, GEB Attorney Robert Luskin, and Inspector General Doug Gow.
Prior information notice without call for competition:FRZ, GFK, renovation Geb.
Simultaneously, he will step down from his current operative roles as president UBS Switzerland and president personal & corporate banking (P&C), as well as from the GEB.
That's the group of girls who've helped create the magazine ever since NMG began in 1992 (an early GEB group at right).