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n. Coastal South Carolina and Georgia
a. The Gullah creole.
b. A speaker of Gullah.
2. Offensive Used as a disparaging term for a person who speaks a nonstandard local dialect, as in Savannah, Georgia, or Charleston, South Carolina.

[Perhaps after the Ogeeche River (around which some Gullah communities live) or perhaps from Kissi (Atlantic Niger-Congo language of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone) kìsì-, ethnic self-designation of the Kissi people (as in kìsìéí, the Kissi language).]
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1. (Languages) a dialect combining elements of English and native African languages, originally spoken by Black slaves in the area of the Ogeechee river in the south of the USA
2. (Languages) a person who speaks this dialect
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The children and adults from the Union Heights neighborhood have a strong heritage link with West Africa and today are known as Gullah Geechee people.
Dedicated to the Geechee Gullah Ring Shouters, the poem calls the speaker to a baptismal moment that simultaneously evokes the "troubled waters" of the Middle Passage: "I love you in the water / Where they pretended to wade, / Singing that old blood-deep song / That dragged us to those banks / And cast us in."
8's closing session on climate change and social justice features global leaders bridging the gap between climate change and health equity--a fitting segue as attendees leave Atlanta looking forward to the 2018 meeting, themed "Creating the Healthiest Nation: Health Equity Now." Speakers at the closing session include Chieftess Queen Quet, of the Gullah/ Geechee Nation, who is an artist, activist and founder of the Gullah/Geechee Saving Environmental Actions & Marine Environment program, and Kimberly Wasserman-Nieto, director of the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, who was instrumental in leading the passage of the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance that resulted in the closing of the Crawford and Fisk coal-fired power plants.
Little River, SC, September 03, 2017 --( The Gullah Geechee Heritage Film Festival will hold its second annual Live Screening Event - October 20th - 21st, 2017.
The story is sourced among the Gullah people, or the Saltwater Geechee people, black Africans brought to America from Angola.
Even more galvanic was the AME churches--where my grandmother, a Geechee from the Sea Islands of South Carolina--was a spiritual leader.
JW: One response to the area and its history is linguistics professor Thomas Klein's work with the Gullah Geechee populations on the Sea Islands --St.
It's going to be really scary, sexy and complex." Voodoo or Geechee, in other words, this Macbeth is red hot.
The remaining participants only offered their ethnic heritages that included European (Irish, German, Scotch Irish, Southern Italian, Swedish, Hungarian), African, Geechee, Cherokee, and Goan.
Also that year, Cab Calloway made a film short of himself, resplendent in a zoot suit, singing the song "Geechee Joe." In that same year's full-length feature Stormy Weather, zoot-suited dancers appeared in a lavish production number
Standing on the water's edge, Sassafrass announces her desire to be a conjure woman, and she is met by the seafarer's incredulity: "you awready a geechee / how much more magic you want?" (109), mapping the Sea Islands and its attendant "magic" onto the Charleston-born daughters.