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1. A place or state of torment or suffering.
2. The abode of condemned souls; hell.

[Late Latin, from Greek Geenna, from Hebrew gê' hinnōm, possibly short for gê' ben hinnōm, valley of the son of Hinnom, a valley south of Jerusalem : gê', valley of, bound form of gay', valley; see gyʔ in Semitic roots + hinnōm, personal name; see hnn in Semitic roots.]
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1. (Bible) Old Testament the valley below Jerusalem, where children were sacrificed and where idolatry was practised (II Kings 23:10; Jeremiah 19:6) and where later offal and refuse were slowly burned
2. (Bible) New Testament Judaism a place where the wicked are punished after death
3. a place or state of pain and torment
[C16: from Late Latin, from Greek Geena, from Hebrew Gê' Hinnōm, literally: valley of Hinnom, symbolic of hell]
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(gɪˈhɛn ə)

1. the valley of Hinnom, near Jerusalem, where propitiatory sacrifices were made to Moloch. II Kings 23:10.
3. any place of extreme torment or suffering.
[< Late Latin < Greek Géenna < Hebrew Gē-Hinnōm hell, short for gē ben Hinnōm literally, valley of the son of Hinnom]
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Noun1.Gehenna - a place where the wicked are punished after deathGehenna - a place where the wicked are punished after death
infernal region, nether region, perdition, Inferno, Hell, pit - (Christianity) the abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment; "Hurl'd headlong...To bottomless perdition, there to dwell"- John Milton; "a demon from the depths of the pit"; "Hell is paved with good intentions"-Dr. Johnson
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גהינוםגיא בן הינום
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He then reaches the gate of paradise, which itself is inscribed with a Biblical verse (Ps 1 1 8:20).(37) Alexander departs from the gate of paradise with a souvenir (recall Sallam's scrapings from the barrier; in the Talmud it is a small metal ball).(38) We are then told that, according to some, hell (gehinom) rather than Gog and Magog lies beyond the Mountains of Darkness, a point to which we will return below.(39)
..." He continues: "Moreover, this distinctive story about an enchained eschatological actor is surely a dark parody of the odd Jewish traditions about an Imprisoned Messiah' who currently bides his time in a secluded chamber within Gan Eden." We will see below that the inaccessible destination can be positive in one account, in which the sons of Moses live in a utopia; and negative in another, such as stories about Gog and Magog beyond the barrier or the Talmudic account referred to above in which it is gehinom that is beyond the Mountains of Darkness encountered by Alexander.
Rangers would want to avoid Israeli cracks Beitar Jerusalem, too, whose Teddy Stadium is nicknamed 'Gehinom' or 'hell'.