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Gei·ger counter

An instrument that detects and measures the intensity of radiation, such as particles from radioactive material, consisting of a Geiger tube and associated electronic equipment. Also called Geiger-Müller counter.

[After Hans Wilhelm Geiger (1882-1945), German physicist.]

Geiger counter

(ˈɡaɪɡəˈmʊlə) or

Geiger-Müller counter

(General Physics) an instrument for detecting and measuring the intensity of ionizing radiation. It consists of a gas-filled tube containing a fine wire anode along the axis of a cylindrical cathode with a potential difference of several hundred volts. Any particle or photon which ionizes any number of gas molecules in the tube causes a discharge which is registered by electronic equipment. The magnitude of the discharge does not depend upon the nature or the energy of the ionizing particle. Compare proportional counter
[C20: named after Hans Geiger and W. Müller, 20th-century German physicist]

Gei′ger count`er

(ˈgaɪ gər)
an instrument for detecting ionizing radiations, used chiefly to measure radioactivity. Also called Gei′ger-Mül′ler count`er (ˈmyu lər, ˈmʌl-)
[1920–25; after H. Geiger (1882–1947), German physicist]

Geiger counter

An electronic instrument that detects and measures nuclear radiation, such as x-rays or gamma rays. The Geiger counter consists of a gas-filled tube with an electrode connected to a counter. As radiation passes through the gas, ions are produced, making pulses of electric current that are registered by the counter.

geiger counter

A device for measuring radioactivity.
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Noun1.geiger counter - counter tube that detects ionizing radiationsGeiger counter - counter tube that detects ionizing radiations
counter tube - a measuring instrument for counting individual ionizing events
Geiger tube, Geiger-Muller tube - an ionization chamber contained in a tube in a Geiger counter

Geiger counter

[ˈgaɪgəˌkaʊntəʳ] Ncontador m Geiger

Geiger counter

Geiger counter

[ˈgaɪgəˌkaʊntəʳ] n(contatore m) geiger m inv
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They warned that Europe could be flooded with deadly fakes and issued Geiger counters to customs officers at their air and seaports to help them detect radiation.
As well as magnets and compasses and a magnetometer to measure the Earth's magnetic field, we had Geiger counters and an electroscope to measure cosmic rays.
To map the sky at wavelengths between 1 and about 15 angstroms, the Aerobee carried two Geiger counters, each behind a honeycomb baffle to limit its angular field of view.
The forums encourage exploration of nuclear energy ideas through on-site demonstrations and 'touch and feel' displays including model nuclear energy plants, fuel assemblies, uranium rocks, Geiger counters and nuclear fuel pellets.
To figure out where the drugs are going, they lace some opium with radioactive tracers so they can track it with Geiger counters.
In response, private individuals deployed 577 Geiger counters across the country to help monitor the spread of the nuclear cloud.
At a distance of 50 kilometres offshore from Fukushima the crew were able to use Geiger counters to detect radioactivity in fish, seawater and seaweed.
Joichi Ito will show what startups, the MIT Media Lab and citizen Geiger counters in Japan have in common.
They make Geiger counters sing, and they stick to the tanks, contaminating the soil and blowing in the desert wind, as they will for the 4.
Mr Blobby marched out at 92-2 in fluorescent green batting gloves which sent Geiger counters around St John's Wood into meltdown and copped a beauty from Fidel Edwards.
92 Now, due to the religious insanity of the radical Islamists, we have cities armed with =91Homeland Security=92 Geiger counters around our cities, seapo= rts and airports.