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A city of southern Sicily, Italy, on the Mediterranean Sea. Founded c. 688 bc by Greek colonists from Crete and Rhodes, it reached the height of its prosperity in the fifth century bc. The dramatist Aeschylus lived here.
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An oligarchy is also changed into a tyranny; such was the rise of most of the ancient tyrannies in Sicily; at Leontini, into the tyranny of Panaetius; at Gela, into that of Cleander; at Rhegium into that of Anaxilaus; and the like in many other cities.
Green throughputs: an increase expected due to the start-up of the Gela plant.
Unfortunately, Greg tragically died, just a year after Gela's birth.
How did people meet other needs that weren't served by Gela's goods?
And there were warning signs moments later when the Georgia pack earned a penalty at a scrum, which scrum-half Gela Aprasidze kicked his for side's first points of the tournament.
Australian Schoolboys: Gideon Gela; Connor Cox, Braden Robson, Keenan Yorston, Latrell Mitchell; Brock Lamb, Jack Cogger'; Hame Sele, Jayden Brailey, Tom Amone, Tyrell Fuiaomano, Ash Nisbet, Ray Stone.
Moreover, the representatives of the Czech delegation plan to meet with Georgian Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze, State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Alexi Petriashvili, State Minister for Diaspora Affairs Gela Dumbadze and other Georgian officials October 22.
Arjo, 23, has three younger siblings--Ria, 21, Gela, 11 and Xavi, 4.
Claudio Descalzi, who was named chief executive in May, has told union leaders that the refineries most likely to be closed are those at Gela in Sicily, Taranto in the Puglia region, and Livorno in Tuscany, according to local news reports.
by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, with Booth Moore
In addition to more traditional documentaries such as Le ricerche del metano e del petrolio (Virgilio Sabel, 1951), ENI's collection included animated cartoons such as Servizio nelle stazioni di rifornimento (1955), anthropological inquiries such as Gela 1959: pozzi a mare (Vittorio De Seta and Franco Dodi, 1960), as well as a combination of fictional stories and newsreel footage, such as Una fiammella si e accesa and Le vie del metano (Ubaldo Magnaghi, 1951).