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A city of southern Sicily, Italy, on the Mediterranean Sea. Founded c. 688 bc by Greek colonists from Crete and Rhodes, it reached the height of its prosperity in the fifth century bc. The dramatist Aeschylus lived here.
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An oligarchy is also changed into a tyranny; such was the rise of most of the ancient tyrannies in Sicily; at Leontini, into the tyranny of Panaetius; at Gela, into that of Cleander; at Rhegium into that of Anaxilaus; and the like in many other cities.
Led by executive chef Clement Gelas, the dishes and ingredients draw inspiration from the surrounding Wasatch Mountains to bring elements of nature into the restaurant by sourcing and foraging for local ingredients from the nearby mountain and serving dishes on natural stone and wood.
Born in Sacred Heart Parish in Southbridge, MA, she was the daughter of the late Gelas Guillet and the late Graziella (Paquette) Guillet.