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 (jə-lä′tō, jĕ-)
n. pl. ge·la·ti (-tē)
An Italian ice cream or sorbet.

[Italian, from past participle of gelare, to freeze; see gelatin.]
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n, pl -ti
(Cookery) Italian ice-cream
[C20: Italian, literally, frozen]
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Donian on Gallowgate has been nominated for the best cheap eats award, while Crolla's Gelateria on Rosemount Place is also in contention for the dessert category.
The sweet treat was dearer than some of the most expensive gelateria in Geneva - one of the most expensive cities in the world.
Those yearning for a taste of authentic Filipino food can spend their lunch breaks at Kanin Club, then head right to Caramia Gelateria for some Italian dessert.
Finally, cap your meals with fabulous desserts and coffee at Blugre, Tim Horton's, Chiara Gelateria, and Black Scoop Cafe.
Becky Haggerty, at the Aviemore branch of Highland ice cream favourite Miele's Gelateria, said the warm weather had resulted in a boost in sales.
Price: Dh22 (starting price) Place: Amorino, City Walk, Dubai Availability: While Amorino has stores around the UAE, other places to get good gelato include Gelato Divino, Dei Dri Gelato, La Fragola Cafe Gelateria.
Be spoilt with a variety of ice-creams, milkshakes, crepes and afternoon tea at Gelateria. The exceptional cuisine is an act of alchemy with the chefs transforming the finest local produce into the most delicious dishes.
Back in our room, we were all ready for bed but then spotted a gelateria from our window...
The newest hand crafted gelateria will be offering 'just in time for the holidays' (or anytime) catering.
figure By MADAME CONNOISSEUSE The space that presently houses Taheri Fast Foods used to be Oasis Gelateria, at least during an earlier visit to Malindi three years ago.
Sample historic ice cream at Antica Gelateria Fiorentina: The Florentines have laid their own claim to inventing the creamy dessert.