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 (gĕl′dər-lănd′, KHĕl′dər-länt′)
A province and former duchy of east-central Netherlands. The duchy was formed in 1339 and passed to the Habsburgs in 1543. It became part of the Netherlands in 1579, although a portion was ceded to Prussia in the 1700s.


(ˈɡɛldəˌlænd; Dutch ˈxɛldərlɑnt) or


(Placename) a province of the E Netherlands: formerly a duchy, belonging successively to several different European powers. Capital: Arnhem. Pop: 1 960 000 (2003 est). Area: 5014 sq km (1955 sq miles). Also called: Guelders


(ˈgɛl dərˌlænd)

a province in E Netherlands. 1,783,610; 1965 sq. mi. (5090 sq. km). Cap.: Arnhem. Also called Guelders.
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The coachman, Daniel Williams, at the age of 39 is believed to be the youngest coachman in the UK to own and drive a coaching team and together with his team of Gelderlanders horses have won numerous coaching classes including the New Forest Show, Dorset County and Royal Windsor.
Retuning to Llanelwedd this year is the Ye Olde Redtail Falconry Display, offering birds, costumes and music, while making their debut is the Tristar carriage driving team with its Gelderlanders horses.
This year's president, S4C style consultant Huw Rees, will arrive at the festival in a coach driven by four Gelderlanders, owned by Gwyn Williams of the Tristar Carriage Driving Team.