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n.1.(Chem.) An amorphous, gummy carbohydrate, found in Gelidium, agar-agar, and other seaweeds.
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Bin Dasmal will team up with Argentinian professionals Lucas Diaz Alberdi (+6 handicap), Felipe Llorene (+4) and Gregorio Geloso (+4) in the five-team tournament which will be played at the Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club in Abu Dhabi, between December 10 and 22.
Introduced as providers of love and benevolence, the female hands in 'Le Mani' soon generate in the poet "un furor geloso, un'ira folle" culminating with the impulse to sever them, as in his dream of a woman's "mani mozze" in a pool of blood (D'Annunzio, 1952: 684).
Inequality: First, Do No Harm" by Vincent Geloso and Steven Horwitz closes out the symposium.
Shamsa, ad esempio, "chiarore di mare profondo, bellezza da sirena" (80), ha attraversato i paesi freddi del Nord Europa insieme ai suoi sei figli "attaccati alla gonna", a un marito "dal cuore geloso di serpe" e alla tristezza che giorno dopo giorno la invade e la fa "scivolare sulla sostanza" (79).
And of course, as passion and war rage, so too does "Di geloso amor sprezza" or the fire of jealous love from "Il Trovatore.
9) One of the sources for El viejo celoso may well have been a commedia dell'arte scenario entitled II vecchio geloso, published by Flaminio Scala in Venice in 1611, in which a woman satisfies her desires behind a door while her husband stands outside (1.
Geloso, "Neuroprotective strategies in hippocampal neurodegeneration induced by the neurotoxicant trimethyltin," Neurochemical Research, vol.
8) These were the old favourites, Niccolo Piccinni's La buona figliuola, Giovanni Paisiello's La frascatana, and Pasquale Anfossi's Il geloso di cimento.
Westfield State 9, Fitchburg State 0; Fitchburg State 3, Westfield State 2: Donald Geloso went 3 for 4 and drove in two runs, including the winner in the bottom of the seventh inning, to give the Falcons (12-17) a win in the second game and earn a split with the visiting Owls (19-12) after only getting two hits in the opener.
Agents: Kevin Geloso, KG Properties; Andrew Torrey, Corcoran.