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 (gə-mär′ə, -môr′ə)
The second part of the Talmud, consisting primarily of commentary on the Mishnah.

[Aramaic gəmārā, completion, from gəmar, to complete; see gmr in Semitic roots.]

Ge·ma′ric adj.
Ge·ma′rist n.


(ɡɛˈmɔrə; Hebrew ɡɛmaˈra)
(Judaism) Judaism the main body of the Talmud, consisting of a record of ancient rabbinical debates about the interpretation of the Mishna and constituting the primary source of Jewish religious law. See also Talmud
[C17: from Aramaic gemārā completion, from gemār to complete]
Geˈmaric adj
Geˈmarist n


(gəˈmɔr ə, -ˈmɑr ɑ, -mɑˈrɑ)

1. the section of the Talmud consisting essentially of commentary on the Mishnah.
2. the Talmud.
[1610–20; < Aram gĕmārā literally, a finishing, completion]
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Noun1.Gemara - the second part of the Talmud consisting primarily of commentary on the Mishna
Talmud - the collection of ancient rabbinic writings on Jewish law and tradition (the Mishna and the Gemara) that constitute the basis of religious authority in Orthodox Judaism
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Pode ser considerado como uma especie de "tosefta" ou "gemarah" para o Mishna Avot, que nao possui um gemarah tradicional.
It can be praise: for though it is true that the Torah displays no formal unity defined along the lines of Aristotle, and that Midrash and Gemarah hardly resemble the church fathers' all-absorbing interpretation that dissolves all inconsistencies and contradictions, there is nonetheless another kind of truth to the discontinuity and fragmentation of these Jewish texts.
Both essays address the different methodologies (Revadim, i.e., aiming to inform students of the stages of the gemarah 's development: tannaim, amoraim, stam-rnim), and approachesof traditional rabbinic study (lomdut uderekh ha-urn mud vs.