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Noun1.Gemini program - a program of space flights undertaken by US in 1965 and 1966; "under the Gemini program each crew had two astronauts"
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Here, he worked on the SR-71 Blackbird Program, as well as the Gemini Program, which was instrumental in the space race.
The GEMINI program consists of four studies--a placebo-controlled study of vedolizumab induction and maintenance treatment in patients with moderately to severely active UC (GEMINI 1), a placebo-controlled study of vedolizumab induction and maintenance treatment in patients with moderately to severely active CD (GEMINI 2), a placebo-controlled study of vedolizumab induction in patients with moderately to severely active CD (GEMINI 3) and an open-label long-term safety study of vedolizumab in patients with either CD or UC (GEMINI long-term safety).
An engineer and test pilot, Grissom fully understood the risks and complexity of space flight, and his expertise assured his involvement in all facets of the Gemini program, including the design decisions that cost his life.
Leopold presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the life and career of United States astronaut Gus Grissom, covering everything other than the subjectAEs own account of his role in NASAAEs Gemini program, from his childhood up to his death on the launch pad in 1967.
Dr.Mueller brought the Apollo mission and the related Gemini program under his direct control and also made sure he himself would coordinate the efforts of 3 individual NASA centers directly involved in the launch.
The US space program took many people and teamwork to accomplish all aspects of the space program from the Mercury program, the Gemini program, and finally the Apollo program to land on the moon.
It was the first time in years that a spacewalk came to such an abrupt halt and the first time since NASA's Gemini program in the mid-1960s that a spacewalker became so incapacitated.
Later, a $1.25 billion-dollar investment was made in the Gemini program to develop technology that could lead to moon flight.
Armstrong, a Korean war veteran and test pilot for the Navy, took part in the Gemini program and was later assigned to the Apollo program, where he would accomplish what many thought impossible.
In fourth grade, she read a Junior Scholastic article about the Gemini program. As a teenager, she read books about Amelia Earhart, Jackie Cochran and Women's Airforce Service Pilots, but also books about male pilots, particularly those in combat.
He also participated in the Blue Gemini program, devising experiments for a version of the space vehicle.
The trials, known as the GEMINI program, will study vedolizumab for the treatment of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, the two main types of IBD.