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adj. gem·mi·er, gem·mi·est
1. Full of or set with gems.
2. Glittering like a gem.
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(ˈdʒɛm i)

adj. -mi•er, -mi•est.
1. having gems; set with gems.
2. like a gem, esp. in being bright or sparkling.
gem′mi•ly, adv.
gem′mi•ness, n.
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Amazon (( AMZN ) has worked with creator Gemmy Industries to sync up the Big Mouth Billy Bass with its Alexa voice assistant for what should be hours of entertainment.
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7 September 2012 - US seasonal and all occasion social expression products firm CSS Industries Inc (NYSE:CSS) said it had shed the Halloween business of its Paper Magic Group Inc (PMG) seasonal unit to sector player Gemmy Industries (HK) Limited, as part of an on ongoing review of PMG.
Las muestras fueron identificadas y colocadas en una centrifugadora portatil Gemmy modelo PLC-03 de Gemmy Industries Corp., EUA, a 10 000 rpm durante 5 min, con la finalidad de separar el plasma de la muestra.
Now the makers, Gemmy Industries, have introduced a Christmas Billy Bass which sings "Jingle Bells" and recites "The Night Before Christmas", with both versions retailing at around pounds 30 - which doesn't include legal fees.
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