core curriculum

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core′ curric`ulum

a school curriculum in which the subjects are correlated to a central theme.
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I took my gen ed classes in the morning, and headed to Richmond Ballet from 1:00 to 6:00 P.
We discuss the challenges encountered and make suggestions for enacting PAL curricula in the often large-enrollment Gen Ed college classroom.
Each year, over 40 of our Opening Doors LCs (serving over 1,000 students) include developmental English courses, which are linked in three-course LCs to a gen ed course, such as psychology or sociology, as well as a freshman orientation course.
Gen Ed Grillo (Retired) who brought it in as the program manager, and Ross Perot Jr.
Gen Ed 300, Accessing Information for Research, is a one-credit, eight-week elective course taught by library faculty members at Washington State University.