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(jĕn′dər-no͞o′trəl, -nyo͞o′-)
Free of explicit or implicit reference to gender or sex, as is the term police officer (instead of policewoman or policeman) or the term crewed (instead of manned).
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Salford's pledge to become 'trans and gender neutral friendly' has been highlighted by HEFCE - the Higher Education Funding Council for England - and the university has been contributing to national 'good practice' guidelines.
The guidance, produced with help from Scottish Trans Alliance, Equality Network and Leap Sports Scotland, suggests runners be allowed to opt out of giving a title on entry forms or have the option of using gender neutral title Mx.
A gender neutral toilet is a public toilet that people of any gender or gender identity are permitted to use, and the facilities benefit transgender populations and people who exist outside of the gender binary.
Officials are looking at the possibility of introducing non-designated, gender neutral toilets in NHS buildings in future.
Ottawa [Canada] Feb 3 ( ANI ): The Senate has passed a bill to make the national anthem gender neutral despite some Conservative senators' opposition.
The parents, of Chelsea, South West London, say they've had issues with past carers, adding: "It's important the person understands what gender neutral is and how we're raising our children.
The post Paloma Faith is raising her child as gender neutral appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Believed to be the first person in Canada to apply for a gender neutral birth certificate, Hickey says that having only male and female gender designations is unconstitutional.
Head teacher Marc Belli said the openplan toilets were designed as gender neutral for practical and not political reasons.
A photo of the new facilities accompanied a tweet from the school's Twitter feed which said: "Welcome to our new 'open plan' gender neutral toilet facilities in A block.
There's a lot of debate around whether bringing up your child to be gender neutral is the right thing to do.
A HIGH school's plan to create gender neutral toilets for its pupils has left parents aghast.