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Introduction of a segment of DNA or RNA into a eukaryotic cell by means of one of a variety of physical or chemical methods or through viral infection.

trans·fect′ v.


(Genetics) the transfer into another cell of genetic material isolated from a cell or virus


(trænsˈfɛk ʃən)

the insertion into a bacterial cell of a viral nucleic acid in order to cause the cell to produce the virus.
[1964; trans- + (in) fection]
trans•fect′, v.t.
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(B) Changes in mRNA levels for JAK2/TYK2, STAT1/3, and SOCS1 genes after LILRB1 and LILRB3 gene transfection in HD11 cell line were detected by quantitative reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction.
In the near future this technique can be used for delivery of genes (such as nanoparticle mediated gene transfection).
Interestingly, current results presented that BMP2 gene transfection slightly enhanced the mRNA and peptide expression of Foxc2, but the enhancement was not significant (P > 0.05).
In the applied magnetic field, PEI-modified magnetic NPs have remarkably improved gene transfection efficiency [24].
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Gene Transfection. After EPCs were cultured for 7 days and reached 70-80% confluence, the cells were harvested and transfected according to the manufacturer's instructions with lentiviral vectors (Shanghai Genechem Company, China) encoding the human APN gene (LV-APN/EGFP).
Significant improvement in gene transfection efficiency has been demonstrated using a modified TAT peptide covalently fused with ten histidine and two cysteine residues when compared to unmodified TAT [16].
Cellvation further licensed rights from UTHealth to a novel bioreactor that amplifies anti-inflammatory gene programs in adherent bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells without external gene transfection approaches.
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It covers the fundamentals of bioacoustics, including the wave equation, wave propagation, and reflection, refraction, and transmission in the acoustic field, as well as the radiation pattern of ultrasound transducers, and the acoustical properties of biological tissues; nonlinear acoustics; cavitation, the design of transducers, and the characterization method of the produced acoustic field; and applications in ultrasonic physiotherapy, hyperthermia, shock wave lithotripsy, and drug delivery and gene transfection, as well as applications of high-intensity focused ultrasound.