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Introduction of a segment of DNA or RNA into a eukaryotic cell by means of one of a variety of physical or chemical methods or through viral infection.

trans·fect′ v.


(Genetics) the transfer into another cell of genetic material isolated from a cell or virus


(trænsˈfɛk ʃən)

the insertion into a bacterial cell of a viral nucleic acid in order to cause the cell to produce the virus.
[1964; trans- + (in) fection]
trans•fect′, v.t.
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Cellvation further licensed rights from UTHealth to a novel bioreactor that amplifies anti-inflammatory gene programs in adherent bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells without external gene transfection approaches.
Methods: Twenty-four mice were randomly allocated to normal control group (n = 6), blank control group (n = 6), VEGF gene transfection group (n = 6), and NGF gene transfection group (n = 6).
It covers the fundamentals of bioacoustics, including the wave equation, wave propagation, and reflection, refraction, and transmission in the acoustic field, as well as the radiation pattern of ultrasound transducers, and the acoustical properties of biological tissues; nonlinear acoustics; cavitation, the design of transducers, and the characterization method of the produced acoustic field; and applications in ultrasonic physiotherapy, hyperthermia, shock wave lithotripsy, and drug delivery and gene transfection, as well as applications of high-intensity focused ultrasound.
1-i / 2012 entitled" characterization of cationic nanocapsules transfer of nucleic acids and other bioactive substances in gene transfection, expression, and regulation of the treatment of tumor cells.
com)-- RNASound[TM] RNA Extraction Strip Card enables high throughput and quick cell culture RNA extraction for gene transfection and expression screening.
The irradiation of biological cells using pulsed lasers causes their membranes to perforate, which significantly accelerates gene transfection or the targeted delivery of drugs.
in other studies, micropatterning is used as a tool for high throughput studies including cell cloning (13), gene transfection (15), cell secretion studies (14) and tissue engineering (19).
Specialists in biomaterials in the US, Asia, and Europe address different types of nanobiomaterials, how to generate porous biomaterials for tissue engineering, calcium phosphate-based biomaterials intended for mineralized tissue regenerative applications, the nanocrystalline form of calcium phosphates, the design and fabrication of silicon dioxide nanoparticles, new kinds of titanium alloy implants, an injectable growth factor system based on bone morphogenetic proteins, impedance sensing of biological processes in mammalian cells, hydrogels-based implantable glucose sensors, the molecular design of multifunctional polymers for gene transfection, hydrogels and their potential biomedical applications, and hybrid biomaterials with high mechanical and biological properties.
The hPAMAM nanoparticles, which exhibit high gene transfection efficiency and low cytotoxicity during the gene delivery process, can be synthesized by a simpler and more economical one-step/pot polymerization technique.
Gene transfection to retinal ganglion cells mediated by ultrasound microbubbles in vitro.
The Keele University spin out is at the cutting edge of commercialising devices for improved gene transfection - the technology allowing DNA and other materials to be placed inside cells which is vital for research into genetic diseases and disorders.
Transcriptional activity of IL-8 promoter and nuclear factor kappa B (NFkB) in ZnO-treated BEAS-2B cells was measured using transient gene transfection of the luciferase reporter construct with or without p65 constructs.