gene transfer

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gene′ trans`fer

the insertion of copies of a gene into living cells in order to induce synthesis of the gene's product.
transfert de gènes
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Biopharmaceutical company Renova Therapeutics disclosed on Thursday the receipt of the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Fast Track designation for the its RT-100 AC6 gene transfer (Ad5.
coli strain J53 was used as a recipient for the assessment of gene transfer frequency.
But doctors are advising Liam's parents they cannot be certain if the gene transfer was successful and only time will tell if Liam's body has accepted the new genes.
It's known that gene transfer occurs between different bacteria and even between bacteria and yeast cells.
Lauren McDaniel, said the gene transfer mechanism has been observed in lab settings for decades, but until now scientists had not documented that it also exists in nature and that it plays an important role in helping bacteria adapt.
From the first protocol involving humans, gene transfer was caught up in ethical controversy.
The finding has important biomedical implications because such gene-swapping, or lateral gene transfer, is the way many pathogenic bacteria pick up antibiotic resistance or become virulent.
9%) of the fertilized eggs developed normally into blastomeres and expressed green fluorescent protein at high level after gene transfer with the PEI-SV method, and 7.
However, scientists have only recently found evidence of horizontal gene transfer in plants.
Transgenic DNA is in many respects optimized for horizontal gene transfer.
Geneticists call this type of unnatural genetic transmission "horizontal gene transfer" to differentiate it from the normal vertical gene transfer, which occurs when nongenetically engineered living organisms pass their genes and genetic characteristics on to their offspring.