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Noun1.William Tecumseh Sherman - United States general who was commander of all Union troops in the WestWilliam Tecumseh Sherman - United States general who was commander of all Union troops in the West; he captured Atlanta and led a destructive march to the sea that cut the Confederacy in two (1820-1891)
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Johnston and Union general William Tecumseh Sherman, whose armies fought many times and who eventually came to respect each other and became close friends, particularly in the 1880s when both lived in Washington DC, Sherman as the commanding general of the US Army and Johnston as a congressman from Virginia and US commissioner of railroads.
He threatened to bring a nonviolent army to blaze through Southern racism, like General William Tecumseh Sherman had burned through Georgia during the Civil War.
Elsewhere, he writes that President Andrew Johnson's request that General William Tecumseh Sherman take command of what would have been a brigade of men "to be based near Washington" was "clearly unconstitutional" and "illicit.
Synopsis: Fear and brutality grip Columbia, South Carolina, in the harsh winter of 1865 as General William Tecumseh Sherman continues his fiery march to the sea and advances on the capital city where secession began.
Demon of the Lost Cause: Sherman and Civil War History is a close study of the myths, misinterpretations, and historical reality surrounding Union General William Tecumseh Sherman during the American Civil War.
Authored by Sherman, a Navy Seal and the great-grandson of Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman, these books are fast paced and full of action.
Speaking to graduating cadets at the Michigan Military Academy in Pontiac, General William Tecumseh Sherman declared, "War is hell.

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