General issue

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(Law) an issue made by a general plea, which traverses the whole declaration or indictment at once, without offering any special matter to evade it.
- Farrow.

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As with any general issue of ITID, we expect the collected papers to represent a wide diversity of problems, places, and methods, and this issue does not fail to deliver.
This general issue is particularly rich with creative works of different kinds, boasting photography, poetry, and a short story.
General Issues, therefore, are much more than something the Mushroom News Staff threw together because they ran out of themes.
Departments should select a general issue handgun that all personnel, regardless of background, can care for properly.
In a future general issue, one made up of unsolicited manuscripts, we would be glad to consider a high-quality peer-reviewed manuscript on the continuing value of micrographics.
The National Joint Pitch Council, responsible for the racecourse bookmaking system, is believed to be examining the general issue of funding.
Perhaps she will explore more fully the matter of orally transmitted culture in her promised full-scale return to the general issue of black voices in American, presumably "white," literature.
Before I respond to the three specific questions raised in your letter of September 24, 1993, I would like to address a general issue that I believe is highly relevant.
For example, the stated methodologic problem of it being "impossible to distinguish the approximately 3% of couples who are sterile from those who merely take a long time to conceive" is not specific to the prospective design, but a general issue in distinguishing sterility from infertility in the absence of known causes of sterility (Dunson et al.
This study locates the custody question in the context of the more general issue of whether the laws, norms, and institutions surrounding divorce and custody work to the advantage or the detriment of children.
The general issue that we were confronted with was how to help guide the reader through 14 tables of data summarizing over 80 articles reporting cancer rates for 23 different anatomical sites.

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