General warrant

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(Law) a warrant, now illegal, to apprehend suspected persons, without naming individuals.
- Burrill.
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The Supreme Court should hear Stevensons appeal and give the search-warrant requirement force by ensuring that it is not used to justify the type of general warrant to rummage through a cache of every suspects most private thoughts, communications, activities, associations, interests, and relationships that the Fourth Amendment was designed to protect against, DeWolfe stated in the brief co-signed by Assistant Public Defenders Kiran Iyer and Katherine P.
Justice Brennan made a blistering dissent to Hazelwood's diminishing of student rights, stating that students should not be shielded from "unsuitable" or "sensitive" topics, nor should Tinker be twisted as "a general warrant to act as 'thought police.
The Court of Appeal found that the search warrant was invalid on that basis alone: Section 503 is "mandatory and cannot be overridden by the terms of a general warrant.
Such shotgun or general warrant is, therefore, not only illegal and invalid but is a continuing violation of human rights under the law, the Constitution and international conventions, he said.
It followed that any warrant to sift through documents is a general warrant, even if it is specific to the location of the trove and the item to be seized.
1765) (holding search warrant invalid due to lack of specificity); Lasson, supra note 25, at 13-78 (explaining Founders intended to ban general warrants); 4 WILLIAM BLACKSTONE, COMMENTARIES *291 (asserting general warrant "is illegal and void for it's [sic] uncertainty").
3d at 1176 (noting the "serious risk that every warrant for electronic information will become, in effect, a general warrant, rendering the Fourth Amendment irrelevant").
The general warrant was the "preponderant motivation behind the [Fourth A]mendment.
Walter, as town procurement officer, questioned two items slated for general warrant approval in a memo to board Chairman Jason M.
However, the need for effective revenue collection was counterbalanced by the memory of the colonial general warrant grievance.