Genesee River

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Gen·e·see River

 (jĕn′ĭ-sē′, jĕn′ĭ-sē′)
A river rising in northern Pennsylvania and flowing about 250 km (155 mi) generally northward across western New York to Lake Ontario.
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{Gennessee = Genesee River, which flows north through central New York State to Lake Ontario--at the time of Cooper's story it was still on the frontier of settlement}
Construction Career Day will include a job-site tour at the Nathaniel Building, the new upscale apartments being built between Court Street and the Genesee River. A panel discussion is also scheduled, and more than 60 vendors from the industry will be on hand to discuss career paths and educational programs for construction, masonry, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, sheet metal and more.
Attorney Alan Knauf, a partner in Knauf Shaw who specializes in environment and land-use issues, said the old Vacuum Oil site between Cottage Street and the Genesee River is a perfect example of where the new tax incentives would be beneficial in a development.
On Sunday evening, the Rochester police confirmed they found the body matching the description of Rowe in the Genesee River.
Kelly brings his angling mastery to large trout waters like the serpentine Ischua Creek north of Olean, the upper Genesee River and its no-kill area near Wellsville and the scenic, wild-fish-only Wiscoy Creek in southern Wyoming County, and many more, with precise instructions on where, when and how to catch fish with both fly and spinning tackle.
Among the most successful and popularly recognized programs are Oneida Lake, the Oswegatchie River, and the lower Genesee River. These stockings have resulted in good survival of young sturgeon, and in a few cases have produced juvenile sturgeon spawned from these releases.
According to a brochure distributed by the Campaign for the Letchworth Nature Center, the new facility, to be located next to the Trailside Lodge in the southern sector of the 17-mile long park which straddles the Genesee River and its spectacular gorge and extensive trail system, will feature "exhibits and activity areas (which) will enrich visitor appreciation of the park's unique geology, archaeology, natural history, spectacular scenery and wide-ranging programs ...
Late last month Gannett's Democrat and Chronicle of upstate New York said it had signed a lease for 40,000 square feet over two floors in an addition to be built on an existing building about a half-mile away, on the other side of the Genesee River.
Graciously lined by the Genesee River in a meander of curves, coils and loops, as it traverses two counties, Letchworth State Park covers 14,350 acres of lush forests, dramatic waterfalls and canyons.
At least on the map, the Genesee River dominates the city and region of Rochester, New York, as it cuts northward to bisect downtown before entering a deep gorge and joining its waters to Lake Ontario (see Figure 1).
Eastman Kodak manufactured cellulose nitrate film at Rochester, NY by dissolving silver bars in nitric acid, drawing clean water from Lake Ontario and pumping the dirty stuff into the Genesee River.

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