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Noun1.genitive case - the case expressing ownership
oblique, oblique case - any grammatical case other than the nominative
attributive genitive, attributive genitive case - a word in the genitive case that is used as an attributive adjective; "an example of the attributive genetive is `John's' in `John's mother'"
druhý pádgenitiv
birtokos eset
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2-13 synechdoche (adjective and modifier or Genetive and possessive)
when used in a genetive construction or just with [?
Such an agreement is absent in English, where the declension is not developed except the presence of the number form and the Genetive of the noun.
Abbreviations 1, 2, 3 first, second, third person ABE abessive ADE adessive ADJ adjective ALL allative CLC clitic COM comitative COND conditional dINF da-infinitive EL elative ESS essive FEM female GEN genetive GER gerund ILL illative IMP imperative IMPS impersonal INE inessive JUSS jussive mINF ma-infinitive NEG negation marker PL plural POSTP postposition PRCL particle PRS present PRTV partitive PST simple past PRTCP presnt participle PTCP past participle Q question marker QUOT quotative SG singular TRM terminative TRNSL translative
Miss Cohen has produced a useful and scholarly work, and because her book is not casual journalism (where all such solecisms are common enough) one must put in a plea for more careful use of the English language: 'fortuitous' means 'by chance', not 'fortunate'; 'oblivious' (endlessly misused) means 'forgetful', not 'unaware', and is followed by the genetive 'of'; 'anticipate' means 'to use in advance', not to 'expect'; 'befriend' does not simply mean 'to be friends with', it conveys a sense of 'help, favour' .

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