Geneva Lake

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, Lake also Lake Le·man  (lē′mən, lə-măN′)
A lake on the Swiss-French border between the Alps and the Jura Mountains. It is traversed east to west by the Rhone River.
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Situated in Fontana-on-Geneva Lake, just 75 miles from downtown Chicago and 45 miles from Milwaukee, the area has a long history as a vacation retreat for wealthy industrialists and is known for its quaint towns and historic homes as well as its lake, woodlands and the 26-mile Geneva Lake Shore Path hiking trail.
It's on the other side of the Geneva Lake, up in the mountains in a nice, secluded spot".
For starters, early birds are invited to watch the magic of a glorious sunrise over the Geneva lake to the sounds of a classical orchestra through Les Aubes Musicales.
Formerly considered Lakefront property, the Hotel is mere steps from Geneva Lake, Wisconsin's 2nd deepest lake and one of the few spring fed lakes making it crystal clear and refreshing.
She was summoned as a witness in the case investigating the purchase of a CHFA 20 M house at the shore of the Geneva lake by herself and her husband.
The PS17m Archduke Joseph diamond and (above) Lake Geneva lake and Jet d''eau with Mont Blanc in the distance and (right and below) the Hotel de la Paix
LAST YEAR A RUMOR swirled around Wisconsin's Geneva Lake and the global astronomical community: the University of Chicago was seriously considering an unsolicited $10 million offer for its Yerkes Observatory, home to the world's largest refractor.
Like Club de Bonmont, which sits in the shadow of its own chateau overlooking Geneva Lake and with a backdrop of the spectacular Mont Blanc.
Situated on Geneva Lake and within easy driving distance of the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, the city of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin relies on tourism for much of its economic vitality.
The weekend after Fittest Loser ended, my boyfriend, Brian, and I hiked about halfway around Geneva Lake in Wisconsin.
com)-- At The Abbey Resort on Geneva Lake, adventure, beauty, relaxation, and lasting tradition awaits guests.

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