Geneva cross

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Geneva cross

A red Greek or St. George's cross on a white ground, used as a symbol by the Red Cross and as a sign of neutrality.

[After GenevaSwitzerland.]

Gene′va cross′

a red Greek cross on a white background, displayed to distinguish ambulances, hospitals, and persons belonging to the Red Cross Society.
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"Look for a woman in a black dress, with the Red Geneva Cross on her shoulder; she is a nurse in the French ambulance." "What has she done?" "I have lost my papers; I have lost my own clothes; Mercy Merrick has taken them." "How do you know that Mercy Merrick has taken them?" "Nobody else could have taken them--that's how I know it.
With some new coaches in some new roles, this will be a new evolution for Geneva cross country, and we are all looking forward to what this season will bring." ...
Samuel will now undergo a 20-week course at the Defence Medical Services Training Group at Keogh Barracks in Aldershot and on completion, Samuel will be awarded the distinctive red Geneva cross.

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