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n. pl. ge·ni·o·glos·si (-ī′)
Either of a pair of muscles that connect the jaw and tongue and that depress and protrude the tongue.

[New Latin genioglōssus : Greek geneion, chin; see genial2 + Greek glōssa, tongue.]
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After quantile normalization of the raw data, the expression profiles of 22619 mRNAs were obtained from genioglossus muscle of HIF-1a -KO and WT mice.
It consists of the electric stimulation of the genioglossus muscle to maintain the permeability of the upper airway during sleep.
2002) [21] was to evaluate the motor dysfunction by manometry and electromyography of intramuscular needle, the genioglossus muscle and tireohioideous, during sucking and swallowing of newborn infants, with a result of Pierre Robin (SPR).
A novel implantable electrical stimulation device stimulates the hypoglossal nerve, which activates the genioglossus muscle, thus moving the tongue forward to open the airway.
Possible muscular injuries were a tear, straining, overstretching, or elongation of the hyobranchial apparatus, including the branchiomandibularis muscle (tongue protractor), cricohyoideus muscle (tongue retractor), stylohyoideus muscle (retracting and raising the tongue), ceratoglossus muscle, hypoglossus muscle (lateral movements of the tongue), intermandibularis muscle, serpiohyoideus muscle, interceratobranchialis muscle, mesoglossus muscle, or genioglossus muscle.
For example, one study found that the inspiratory and expiratory activity of the genioglossus muscle in women is significantly greater than in men, indicating that the airway in women is more stable (i.