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n. genodermatosis, una condición de la piel de origen genético.
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Atlas of Genodermatoses, 2nd Edition (online access included)
Later, it was believed that PVA represented a stage or an outcome of various dermatoses, such as mycosis fungoides, parapsoriasis, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, lupus erythematosus, lichen ruber planus, genodermatoses, and so on.
Although BCC is the commonest human cancer, presentation with multiple or early-onset lesions should prompt consideration of an underlying Mendelian disorder (such as basal cell nevus syndrome or xeroderma pigmentosum) or other genodermatoses characterized by defective DNA replication/repair, such as MTS.
Other risk factors are: exposure of the hands to ionizing radiation or carcinogenic chemicals, burns, genetic predisposition from specific genodermatoses and immunosuppression [2].
3), leprosy, subcutaneous mycosis as mycetoma or sporotrichosis, as well as deforming genodermatoses, are of particular concern--not only do they cause marked morbidity but they may lead to death.
This fourth volume is arranged in sections on anatomy, physiology, and embryology; benign growths; malignant growths; rashes; autoimmune blistering diseases; infectious diseases; hair and nail diseases; nutritional and metabolic diseases; and genodermatoses and syndromes.