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1. The total genetic content contained in a haploid set of chromosomes in eukaryotes, in a single chromosome in bacteria or archaea, or in the DNA or RNA of viruses.
2. An organism's genetic material.

ge·no′mic (-nō′mĭk) adj.
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[dʒɪˈnɒmɪk] adjgénomique
genomic research → la recherche en génomique
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a. genómico-a, rel. a un genoma;
___ cloneclon ___.
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We constructed a shotgun genomic library using ~5ug of genomic from a single individual, which was sequenced using 454 Life Sciences Genome Sequencer FLX Titanium instrument (Roche Applied Science) at Shanghai Majorbio Biopharm Technology Co., Ltd.
A viral genomic library was constructed using slug genomic DNA that was partially digested with EcoRI (Escherichia coli BS5; Sigma-Aldrich, St.
Genomic Zika virus isolate characterization efforts would greatly benefit from the approaches outlined here, especially regarding materials needed for genomic library preparation and the time reduction for strain-level identification (15).
A large-insert (~40 kb) genomic library was screened for the ability to protect E.
A Line 1 bull was selected to make a widely used genomic library, and DNA from a Line 1 cow was the foundation of the recently completed bovine genome sequence.
Moreover, some of the genomic sequences reported here had significant homology to hypothetical proteins of various organisms, known (e.g., reverse transcriptase) or unknown genes, or no homology to any sequence in the GeneBank database, suggesting that sequences from a genomic library can also provide valuable information in identifying functional markers in shrimp.
We have successfully prepared [p.sup.UC18] cloned genomic library of Black Plum (Eugenia jambolana) with DNA isolated using this method.
The Development of a Genomic Library of Pinus Taeda
For this purpose, libraries based on the bacterial artificial chromosomes (BAC; Shizuya et al., 1992) have become the choice for genomic library construction and are routinely used in forward genetics approaches in the model plant Arabidopsis (Peters et al., 2003).
From the rat strain SHR/Akr, six copies of Sry have been identified through screening an SHR/Akr genomic library and PCR amplification of genomic DNA.
jensenii P126 genomic library. Sequence analysis of one clone revealed an open reading frame (ORF) with significant similarity to a class of proteins known as ABC (ATP binding cassette) transporters.

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