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Noun1.Gentiana - type genus of the GentianaceaeGentiana - type genus of the Gentianaceae; cosmopolitan genus of herbs nearly cosmopolitan in cool temperate regions; in some classifications includes genera Gentianopsis and Gentianella
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
family Gentianaceae, gentian family, Gentianaceae - chiefly herbaceous plants with showy flowers; some are cultivated as ornamentals
Gentiana lutea, great yellow gentian - robust European perennial having clusters of yellow flowers
calathian violet, Gentiana pneumonanthe, marsh gentian - perennial Eurasian gentian with sky-blue funnel-shaped flowers of damp open heaths
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The impressive rocky Suchy Vrch peak and its surroundings are known as a home to protected plants such as blue gentian (gentiana clusii) and edelweiss.
Compuesta principalmente por especies de los generos: Stipa, Festuca, Calamagrostis, Poa, Baccharis, Gentiana, Lupinus, Culcitium, Chuquiraga, Senecio, Tafalla, Perezia, Werneria, Opuntia y Puya (Villiger 1981, Rivera 1985).
chinensis intercepted on imported plants (e.g., Prunus spp., Gentiana makoni) in the late 19th century (Forel 1900, Germany) and 20th century (Brown in 1965, New Jersey, Antweb record CASENT0246023).
Or you could try gentiana verna for a carpet of blue flowers or saxifrage for lots of lovely greenery and colourful summery blooms.
Use loads of gentiana verna Sharp rocks keep Large rocks give shelter for plants, with the angle of rocks creating different micro-climates
Bitter herbs (for example Gentiana lutea) may stimulate these receptors and activate parasympathetic vagal nerve fibres and stimulate secretions of the digestive system and promote healthy diversity and ecology of microflora (25).
Gentian (Gentiana lutea) is one of the strongest herbal bitters that is often utilized in digestive bitter formulations.
Oleanolic acid and loganic acid from Gentiana tibetica also inhibit the growth of the pathogenic fungi A.
Varieties of campanula, eritrichium (alpine forget-me-not), gentiana, pulsatilla, saxifraga and ranunculus were content to grow in bare limestone clefts.
(47.) Sezik E, Aslan M, Yesilada E, Ito S (2005) Hypoglycaemic activity of Gentiana olivieri and isolation of the active constituent through bioassay-directed fractionation techniques.
Gentiopicroside, a main effective component of secoiridoid glycosides isolated from Gentiana macrophylla Pall, inhibits the phosphorylation of p38, ERK, and JNK and the expression of MMPs induced by IL-1[beta].