gentleman's agreement

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gen·tle·man's agreement

or gen·tle·men's agreement (jĕn′tl-mənz)
An agreement guaranteed only by the pledged word or unspoken understanding of the parties.
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The President reiterated many times that there was this gentleman's agreement between China and the new administration,' Gatchalian told the Inquirer in an interview.
ODM did not honour the gentleman's agreement that put ANC's Sakwa Bunyasi (Nambale) as the coalition sole candidate for the PAC seat,' Mwale had said.
The European Parliament will insist on quickly making the deal reached between the European Union and Britainon divorce terms legally binding, worried London may not honour a gentleman's agreement, the parliament's chief Brexit coordinator said.
COVENTRY City boss Mark Robins has revealed Kyel Reid is looking for an "escape route" out of the club after insisting he has an gentleman's agreement to leave.
Blatter told Swiss TV station RROTV: "It was a contract I had with Michel Platini, a gentleman's agreement, and that was followed through on.
Gentleman's Agreement screens on Turner Classic Movies May 18, and to watch it today is to glimpse both the virtues and limitations of the newly mature Hollywood described by Harris, one in which prestige and seriousness intertwined.
Among its priorities is also to ensure media security not through repression, but through the implementation of laws and a gentleman's agreement," Joreige told a delegation from the League of Faculty of Media and Documentation Graduates at the state-run Lebanese University.
Leaders on both sides respected each other and even in defeat submission was done with a gentleman's agreement.
As a surrogate we have the Maastricht Treaty, which is a gentleman's agreement, only it turned out there weren't enough gentlemen.
Gentleman's Agreement was in fact produced by the only Gentile at the top table, Darryl F Zanuck, and his main motivation was because the subject, after the war, had become "hot box-office".
STEPHEN THOMPSON has torn up the gentleman's agreement between his Dundee United and neighbours Dundee over fixture clashes.
A gentleman's agreement between the Home Nations prevents managers picking players who do not have at least one grandparent who was born in that country.