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Noun1.Gentleman Jim - United States heavyweight boxing champion (1866-1933)Gentleman Jim - United States heavyweight boxing champion (1866-1933)
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Bryony has now released a book about her husband's life entitled 'My Gentleman Jim.
If gentleman Jim doesn't regret exposing himself to widespread ridicule, he should.
Moss regards one of them, Gentleman Jim (1942), based on the boxer James J.
Later, at the wake in Deepdale's Invincibles pavilion, Gentleman Jim reflected on the attributes of an opponent who gave him several chasings in the parochial rivalry of Blackpool-Preston derbies, but then gave him a lift home from Cardiff after an England game with Wales.
IT was Gentleman Jim Walker's seventieth last Friday and he treated his golfing buddies to a day on the links at Goswick.
So when Peter Grummitt was thrust into Forest's side for his debut in 1960 at the tender age of 18, Gentleman Jim pulled him aside.
Gentleman Jim landed the handicap chase for trainer Joe Fogarty and rider Tom Doyle, although Doyle received a oneday ban for excessive use of the whip.
Gentleman Jim, Cheshire born and bred, earlier this week attended the official launch of the new Liverpool offices of shipping giant Maersk.
By the time Hayward came to Oregon to coach, he'd traveled with the boxer, Gentleman Jim Corbett, prior to his knockout of John L.
Tuesday night and it's gentleman Jim Beglin at Old Trafford.
Ron continued, "Jim was a very nice, quiet man and folks called him gentleman Jim Pickering.