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Noun1.geostationary orbit - a geosynchronous orbit that is fixed with respect to a position on the Earth
geosynchronous orbit - a circular orbit around the Earth having a period of 24 hours
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Kim Jong Un … visited the Sohae Space Center to guide the ground jet test of a new type high-power engine of a carrier rocket for the geo-stationary satellite," KCNA said on Tuesday.
Pyongyang said its aim is to place a geo-stationary satellite around the Earth, although many believe the North is aiming to build an intercontinental ballistic missile.
There were concepts for balloon launches and there are some still advocating for a space elevator, a tether strung between Earth and geo-stationary orbit.
Positioned at an altitude of 8,000 km, which is four times closer to the earth than geo-stationary satellites, these Ka-band satellites are offering high speed, low cost, low-latency Internet and telecommunications services to people and businesses in emerging markets.
Current geo-stationary satellites that provide communications have gaps in their coverage over what is known as the High Arctic.
Their occurrence in high latitudes at the limits of usable geo-stationary satellite imagery makes tracking difficult.
Patrick Bamford had a rocket shot turned onto the bar, Daniel Ayala had a point-blank poke blocked, a deep Tomas Kalas cross that was drifting in was nodded off the line, Adam Reach put one in the side netting and another into geo-stationary orbit and Royals keeper Adam Federici made a string of superb stops that had Royals' new boss and archetypal dour Scot Steve Clarke almost forcing a begrudged smile.
17 -- Close on the heels of Mangalyan, India today launched the third of its seven satellite navigation system, with its work horse, Polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV) successfully placing the satellite IRNSS IC in a geo-stationary orbit.
According to the report, the department is in the process of developing six geo-stationary satellites -- GSAT-6, GSAT6-A, GSAT-16, GSAT-15, GSAT-9 and GSAT-11 -- that will give a significant impetus to communications technology.
ESA's spacecraft Rosetta gets closer and closer to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and has now reached a distance comparable to the small stretch of space that separates weather satellites in geo-stationary orbit from Earth.
Essentially a geo-stationary communication satellite to enable real-time networking of all Indian warships, submarines and aircraft with operational centres ashore, the 2,625kg Rukmini will also help the Navy keep a hawk-eye over both Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.
The potential was to develop a persistent geo-stationary stratospheric platform for services such as communications for the future: this was a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate that we could do it.