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A metatag that specifies the geographic location associated with a digital photograph or other digital content.
v. ge·o·tagged, ge·o·tag·ing, ge·o·tags
To assign a geotag to.
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At the same time, we track all projects via geotagging. In other words, the progress of every project will be confirmed by a satellite confirmatory photography,' said Villar.
Aside from value chain analysis, the PRDP has also been implementing geotagging, which identifies the project in real time and real place, preventing the unscrupulous practice in the past of some government agencies, including LGUs, to seek funding that were already funded or even completed.
The DPWH's strict monitoring of infrastructure projects using software and geotagging led to the blacklisting of around 18 contractors, added Villar who had been criticized for conflict of interest over his position and his family's real estate and land development-related businesses.
To a query, the FBR member IT said that the FBR will not conduct physical verification of the manufacturing premises, but it will only be done through Geotagging.
The feature, commonly known as "geotagging," tells viewers where the social media user is at the moment the post is made.
Geotagging and Field Data Integration with GIS: Geotagging refers to assigning the raw image/photograph the geographical information i.e.
"The advancement of Israel technologies has a lot to offer in the development of the current programs of DA such as moving into fertigation, geotagging and maintaining an information database, and the sorghum development program," Pintildeol said.
Punjab flood disaster management is another initiative, wherein applications have been developed with geotagging and pictorial evidences to ensure disaster management.
His topics include first things first, basic and advanced editing techniques, outside the Mac, geotagging and metadata, make room for videos, and integrating photos into your world.
Photos are HDR, and the camera features body and face detection, photo geotagging, and auto stabilization.
The minister further said that AP is the first state in India to complete geotagging of each land parcel in the state.