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A pastime in which one searches for hidden objects that are found by using exact GPS coordinates.

ge′o·cach′er n.
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(Other Non-sporting Hobbies) a game in which the object is to identify and find items deposited by other players, using GPS navigation
[C20: from geo(graphy) + caching]
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Following their first round of Findamine, teams were randomly assigned to one of three conditions before being sent out to geocache again: 1) team video gaming, 2) quiet homework time or 3) a "goal training" discussion on improving their geocaching results.
It's a modern form of treasure hunt where you follow GPS coordinates to find the 'geocache'.
Analysis involved 72 geocache sites within YNP and all the geocachers' written comments during 2016.
Once you find it, sign and date the logbook, hide the geocache and share your experience online.
Participants will stamp their passports at each geocache site, and can receive a special pathtag prize for completing the series.
One school used geocache sites on campus as a treasure hunt.
Enter your geocache nickname and date in the logbook and take the prize--but remember to leave one in its place.
A geocache or 'cache' is a small waterproof treasure box hidden outdoors.
4 The geocache inside of Geocaching HQ, The toys are game pieces called Trackables.
The container is a geocache. Geocaches are traditionally hidden outdoors, and geocachers use their Global Positioning System (GPS)-enabled devices, such as a smartphone, to follow coordinates that bring them to a geocache.