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Noun1.Geochelone - giant tortoisesGeochelone - giant tortoises      
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
giant tortoise - very large tortoises of the Galapagos and Seychelles islands
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Guzman A, Stevenson PR (2008) Seed dispersal, habitat selection and movement patterns in the Amazonian tortoise, Geochelone denticulata.
The behavior and ecology of the two amazonian tortoises Geochelone carbonaria and Geochelone denticulata in northwestern Brasil.
For instance, the shell of Geochelone carbonaria Spix (Testudinidae) is reportedly used in Bahia, Brazil for treatment of catarrh (Costa-Neto, 1999).
Tambien cuenta con un registro importante de tortugas fosiles, destacando los generos Rhinoclemmys, Geochelone, Staurotypus y Trionychidae indeterminado (Cadena, 2009; Cadena et al.
Plants eaten and dispersed by adult leopard tortoises Geochelone paradalis (Reptilia, Chelonii) in the southern Karoo.
The paper, entitled 'No Evidence of Contagious Yawning in the Red-footed Tortoise Geochelone Carbonaria', was published in the journal Current Biology this year and was greeted with open-mouthed wonderment by all aficionados of yawning research.
It differs from Testudo in having rising (= geochelonid according to SCHLEICH 1988) sutural furrows, typical for large land turtles of the genus Geochelone sensu lato" (BOHME, 2008).
Ejemplares coleccion viva EBTRF Especies No Estques No Ejempls Muestreados Muestreados Nombre Nombre Comun Cientifico Caimanes Crocodylus Caiman del 25 227 intermedius Orinoco / Caiman Llanero Caiman Babilla 1 2 crocodylus Tortugas Rhinoclemmys Palmera 27 342 melanosterna Rhinoclemmys Inguensa 2 72 diademata Rhinoclemmys 2 32 funerea Rhinoclemmys Sabaletera 1 2 nasuta Hibrido Hibrido 2 115 Rhinoclemmys Geochelone Morroco Amar 1 4 denticulata Geochelone Morroco Negro 1 15 carbonaria Phrynos Hedionda 1 4 gibbus Phrynos Bachala 1 1 geoffroanus Kinosternon Tapaculo 1 3 sp.
CHPA Chelodina parkeri 2 CHRE Chinemys reevesi 4 CUAM Cuora amboinensis 8 GEEL Geochelone elegans 6 GESP Geoemyda spengleri 4 HESP Heosemys spinosa 6 KIFL Kinosternon flavescens 6 LEYU Leucocephalon yuwonoi 6 MATE Malaclemys terrapin terrapin 6 PECA Pelochelys cantorii 2 PESI Pelodiscus sinensis 4 PYMO Pyxidea (Cuora) mouhotii 6 RHPM Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima manni 5 SICR Siebenrockiella crassicollis 6 TABLE 2 Percentage of Edible Tissues in Consumption Categories* Species Code Consumption Category Do Not Eat 0.
Por otro lado, la familia Testudinidae representada por fosiles de los generos Geochelone, Gopherus y Testudo, difieren de los especimenes de Nealtican, debido a que la fosa axilar del plastron en Testudinidae es corta.
Scientists say George, aged between 90 and 100 years old, is the only known living Geochelone abigdoni tortoise in the world.