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Noun1.Geochelone - giant tortoisesGeochelone - giant tortoises      
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
giant tortoise - very large tortoises of the Galapagos and Seychelles islands
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During the course of the proceedings, the District Forest Officer, Krishna district, Vijayawada and the Forest Range Officer, Vijayawada Range inspected and certified that the tortoises are the Indian star tortoises with the scientific name 'Geochelone elegans'.
According to the report published by TRAFFIC international on seizures of tortoise and freshwater turtles in 2008 to 2013, the most traded species of chelonians in Pakistan are Geochelone elegans (Star Tortoise) and Geoclemys hamiltonii (Black Pond Turtle).
Dos produtos da floresta, fazem parte da alimentacao dessas familias o acai (Euterpe oleracea Mart.), a castanha do Brasil (Bertholletia excelsa Bonpl.) e animais como a paca (Cuniculus paca), o tatu- peba (Euphractussexcintus) e o jabuti (Geochelone carbonaria).
The use of shell morphometrics for the management of the endangered malagasy radiated tortoise (Geochelone radiata).
Adicionalmente, es importante resaltar que el morrocoyo (Geochelone carbonaria) presente en la zona sur del area de estudio, es una especie que es catalogada como amenazada de extincion nacional y local.
The behavior and ecology of the two amazonian tortoises Geochelone carbonaria and Geochelone denticulata in northwestern Brasil.
foetidissima and terrestrial (or nearly so) presentation of ripe fruit may be an adaptation for dispersal by extinct giant tortoises (Geochelone), and the fact that extant equids occasionally consume gourds (Barlow, 2000) suggests extinct species might have done likewise.