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 (jē′ə-dĕs′ĭk, -dē′sĭk)
a. Of or relating to the geometry of geodesics.
b. Of or relating to geodesy.
2. Having a structure consisting of lightweight rods or poles joined so as to form interlocking polygons whose vertices lie on an imaginary sphere: a geodesic dome.
The shortest path between two points on any mathematically defined surface.

[From geodesy.]
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(ˌdʒiːəʊˈdɛsɪk; -ˈdiː-)
(Mathematics) Also: geodetic, geodetical or geodesical relating to or involving the geometry of curved surfaces
(Mathematics) Also called: geodesic line the shortest line between two points on a curved or plane surface
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(ˌdʒi əˈdɛs ɪk, -ˈdi sɪk)

adj. Also, ge`o•des′i•cal.
1. pertaining to the geometry of curved surfaces, in which geodesic lines take the place of the straight lines of plane geometry.
2. pertaining to geodesy; geodetic.
[1815–25; < French géodésique]
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Noun1.geodesic - (mathematics) the shortest line between two points on a mathematically defined surface (as a straight line on a plane or an arc of a great circle on a sphere)
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
line - a length (straight or curved) without breadth or thickness; the trace of a moving point
Adj.1.geodesic - of or relating to or determined by geodesy
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[ˌdʒɪ(ː)əʊˈdesɪk] ADJgeodésico
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Divided Spheres: Geodesics & the Orderly Subdivision of the Sphere holds full color throughout and provides a detailed introduction to the math of Buckminster Fuller's invention of the geodesic dome.
Electrical Geodesics gains purchasing deal with Premier
If initially [theta] equal [pi]/6 or [pi]/4 and [pi]/3 hence we obtain the following fuzzy geodesics of fuzzy unit hyperboloid [[??].sup.3.sub.1], [[??].sup.3.sub.2], and [[??].sup.3.sub.3] irrespectively.
where [alpha] : [0,1] [right arrow] SO(n) and [beta] : [0,1] [right arrow] [R.sup.n] are the geodesics expressed, respectively, by
The great circle arcs are usually called geodesics.
Thus, these aspects can be processed to extract local features by geodesics connection one by one according to the sequence sorted by the number of areas.
Young researchers were exposed to the basic theory of the two in lectures on interval exchange maps and translation surfaces; unipotent flows and applications; quantitative nondivergence and its Diophantine applications; diagonal actions on locally homogenous spaces; and Fuchsian groups, geodesic flows on surfaces of constant negative curvature, and symbolic coding of geodesics.
If [x.sub.1],[x.sub.2],[x.sub.3] [member of] X, a geodesic triangle T = {[x.sub.1],[x.sub.2],[x.sub.3]} is the union of three geodesics [[x.sub.1],[x.sub.2]], [[x.sub.2],[x.sub.3]] and [[x.sub.3],[x.sub.1]].
In General Relativity, the change of the energy of a freely moving photon should be the solution to the scalar equation of isotropic geodesics, which is also known as the equation of energy and manifests the work produced on the photon being moved along the path.
In particular, we obtain a complete description of the geodesics starting from the distinguished point called the root.
In isotropic media, minimum energy path gets reduced to shortest distance path, which can be seen mathematically as shortest geodesics. Hence, by allowing geodesic waves to propagate from multiple sensors and identifying their point of meet, one can obtain the source location.