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This call for proposals covers the necessary engineering surveys, geodetics.
Authorities will also fully cover the co-payments for health services at all levels and the water and garbage fees for three months, the parents' costs for their children's school supplies, and the costs for geodetics reports required for home legalization.
El mismo informe, tras cuatro conclusiones de caracter profesional, termina afirmando que el modelo de 1995 del profesor Allan "The Education and practice of the Geodetics Surveyor in Western Europe" debe ser cambiado por otro cuyo titulo fuera "The Education and Practice of the Geographic Information / Geomatics professional in the global marketplace".
Because of the analogy between the two-circle goniometer, as used to project positions onto a sphere, and instruments used in geodetics, the two and three-circle goniometers are also known as theodolite goniometers.
It first showed its machine under the name of Geodetics at IMTS 94 in Chicago, at the same time Giddings & Lewis unveiled its Variax.
His scientific work on astronomy, gravity, and geodetics was original and competent but did not attract much notice.