geographic tongue

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ge·o·graph·ic tongue

n. lengua geográfica, lengua caracterizada por áreas desnudas rodeadas de epitelio grueso que simulan áreas terrestres.
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You may have a harmless, but sometimes uncomfortable, condition called geographic tongue."
Pallmon, "Migratory stomatitis (ectopic geographic tongue) on the floor of the mouth," Jounal ofthe American Academy of Dermatology, vol.
Statistically significant difference was found between diabetic and non-diabetic patients in association with dental caries, periodontal disease, xerostomia, burning sensation, candidiasis, missing teeth, geographic tongue, taste abnormalities, impacted third molars and lichen planus.
Your tongue looks like a map A patchy geographic tongue could be due to smoking or a vitamin or iron deficiency, but it could also be the result of gastric tract damage due to coeliac disease, for example.
It is caused by diverse conditions such as glossitis, geographic tongue, xerostomia, glossopharyngeal nerve damage, and the use of certain drugs [41].
The exclusion criteria were pregnancy, severe systemic organ diseases, use of drugs within the 7 days prior to screening, smoking, vitamin B use, or an abnormal condition of the tongue, that is, the inability to open the jaw and protrude the tongue stably, the presence of a geographic tongue, bleeding, malformation of the tongue, or the presence of dental braces.
The most prevalent oral lesions in asthmatics group were geographic tongue 10(10%), fissured tongue 13(13%), chronic atrophic candidiasis13(13%), and in the control group were fissured tongue(11%) and lichenoid reaction(2%).
Scientists suggest in the March New Journal of Physics that geographic tongue can develop in two ways: circular and spiral.
Benign oral mucosal lesions included a diagnosis of coated tongue fissured tongue geographic tongue melanin pigmentation linea alba and fordyces granules.
Signs such as angular stomatitis (Female: 2.5% Male: 6.5% p<0.05) and geographic tongue (Female: 0.9% Male: 4.8% p<0.05) were significantly more observed in males than in females.
The geographic tongue is usually asymptomatic, but sometimes an irritation sensation is reported as a result of using the spicy and salty foods as well as the alcoholic drinks.
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