Geographical coordinates

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the latitude and longitude of a place, by which its relative situation on the globe is known. The height of the above the sea level constitutes a third coördinate.

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It provides geographical coordinates to pinpoint exact locations in Makkah, Madinah and other cities, even without an internet connection.
In the meeting, the Swiss diplomat was briefed with further details of the incident, informed of the exact geographical coordinates of the drone interception, and told that the wreckage of the downed drone was collected in Iranian territorial waters and delivered to Iranian armed forces, adding that Tehran is ready to show the evidence (to international bodies).
The details of the attack, including the precise geographical coordinates of the American drone plane in Iranian airspace, were disclosed.
Nicosia has submitted to the UN the geographical coordinates of its north and northwest limit of its continental shelf/EEZ.
The map, Dr Nyambe said, documents over 60 heritage sites in the two circuits, providing geographical coordinates and synopses for some of the sites.
For his quest for "origins" can be understood in two terms: 1) origins in time, or one's temporal coordinates, one's place within a long literary tradition as well as with respect to historical events; and 2) a belonging in space, or the geographical coordinates of one's existence, the landscape--that defining point in Montale's life that Rebecca West (Eugenio Montale: Poet on the Edge, Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1981) had analyzed as the "liminal landscape" of the Cinque Terre.
The UN ambassador has at least 20 tattoos, which include a Tennessee Williams quote, a Buddhist prayer and geographical coordinates of where her children were born.
Fruits were duly identified, including the cultivar, date of collection and geographical coordinates (Table 1), packed in plastic trays and transported to the Laboratory of Fruit Flies--State University of Southwestern Bahia, UESB, Vitoria da Conquista, BA.
The collected data was processed in MS Excel whereby the geographical coordinates along with the localities were added in the data.
The area of our research work is Bandi Nikra (Sherwan) Geographical coordinates of the areas are 34.185210 N and 73.017802 E, Khandakhau (Sherwan) Geographical coordinates of the areas are 34.166219 N and 73.046751 E and Chellether Geographical coordinates of the areas are 34.187092 N and 73.031284 E (Fig.
However, the ideal geographical coordinates can capture solar energy uniquely since it is gifted by sunshine availability of more than 12 hours per day.

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