Geographical variation

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any variation of a species which is dependent on climate or other geographical conditions.

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In Second World War, dermatological conditions accounted for 15%-25% of outpatient consultations in temperate theatres of war, but up to 75% in the tropics reflecting geographical variation in pattern of skin affliction.
Indeed, differences in countries' stages of develop- ment, which result from time lags in industrialisation and the uneven distribution of technology and global growth, closely reflect the geographical variation in the source and scale of carbon emissions.
Conclusion: Frequencies of various orbital malignancies show geographical variation in both paediatric and adult population.
10] This geographical variation could be attributed to the increased awareness of physicians of the existence of Kounis syndrome, climate and environmental conditions that result in pollen cross-reactivities and hymenoptera exposures, overconsumption of medicines, or inadequacy of preventative measures.
One of the study's key findings is that while variation in the quantity of care provided is a key source of the geographical variation in Medicare spending, variation in the price of particular services is a much larger factor in explaining geographic differences in private health insurance spending.
Selenium is an essential micronutrient for human health but due to differing soil levels and resultant food content, there is great geographical variation in dietary selenium intake worldwide.
Seasonal and geographical variation of Heteropyxis natalensis essential oil and the effect there of on the antimicrobial activity.
The geographical variation in healthcare provision demonstrates a clear divide between London and the rest of the UK in attitudes towards staff health," said Mike Blake, Director at PMI Health Group.
Its long latency and geographical variation suggest the possibility of prevention or postponement of onset by dietary modification.
In order to observe the geographical variation in climate change across Europe, the researchers used temperature records stretching back to 1950 to create a gridded dataset of observations.
al [4] stated that there exist a localized variation in the wing shape variation among the species Neurothemis dragonflies but it did not include if there is intra-specific geographical variation of Neurothemis dragonflies.
Based on this geographical variation, the notion of "Europe" that is presented varies from writer to writer.

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