Geographical variety

(Biol.) a variety of any species which is coincident with a geographical region, and is usually dependent upon, or caused by, peculiarities of climate.

See also: Variety

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Given the geographical variety of Archimedes' operations, "it's impossible to determine a single ideological thread," said Brookie.
The park overlooks the Sea of Oman, and enjoys a range of geographical variety from rocky places to soft sand, in addition to enjoying mild weather and temperatures.
We believe this reflects Chile's geographical variety, positive economic and political fundamentals, and strong government support for the tourism sector.
New Zealand A country of stunning geographical variety, whether you visit the North or South Island.
According to Andrew Rudd, urban environment officer of UN-Habitat, the cities were chosen based on their size, fast growth, significance as part of an urban cluster linked to cross-border exchange and geographical variety.
Canada's incredible geographical variety is a significant attraction for many tourists and golf courses have always been those few places where you come quite close to natural scenic destinations.
The Thames Path in London lacks the geographical variety of the Taff Trail, going from the sea to the Taff Gorge in six miles, while the banks of the Thames are always as flat as a pancake.
Kunde: Larger buyers are looking for purchases that can aid them strategically in their industry portfolio (such as adding a well-established brand), adding geographical variety with properties in counties where they are not represented, adding "trophy" properties that help to bring in consumers, or adding production capacity.
GODOLPHIN yesterday hailed the geographical variety of their winners in 2009, as well as the record number overall, in assessing a year that has yielded more than 200 winners for the first time.
Perhaps that is why, after three-and-a-half years of searching of both the soul and geographical variety, Sir Jack finally feels he has found someone to take due and diligent care of the family silver.
There's a huge geographical variety you can get into the narrative and that pays dividends because it means a variety of situations and jokes.
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