Geometric square

a portable instrument in the form of a square frame for ascertaining distances and heights by measuring angles.

See also: Geometric

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Their split edges form a perfectly geometric square that seems to rise above the reality of wood and bark.
Procedure: Have students research and list as many ways as possible in which the square is used in math: square roots, square angles, geometric square, etc.
* Organizational Structure: The Vedic square is an organized structure of small geometric squares. Think about and discuss how the combination of many Vedic squares may be used to create larger patterns for more monumental art forms.
The Frankie rug features repeating geometric squares that take twists and turns across the floor, creating an optical feast for the eyes.
QI saw a design you recently completed in a show home with geometric squares in silver and cream.
STICKY MOMENTS: Judy Foote at work in her studio; Picture: Andrew James; UNIQUE: A window with various geometric designs; WINDOW ART: Swimming pool windows at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff; STAR SIGNS: A children's room; LIGHT WORK: A bay window with geometric squares; DISTINCTIVE: Wavy lines
To achieve this without making the room look too fussy, Anna painted a contrasting lilac panel on one of the white walls and decorated this with stencilled geometric squares and rectangles.
Wide stripes and geometric squares replace the large, floral patterns seen in the other collections.