Geometrical progression

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That's geometrical progression - you know how that piles up.
Only when we have admitted the conception of the infinitely small, and the resulting geometrical progression with a common ratio of one tenth, and have found the sum of this progression to infinity, do we reach a solution of the problem.
The number of CNG rickshaws in Karachi has grown in geometrical progression, because of informal financing.
Aremu said that the development had increased the volume of waste in a geometrical progression, exerting enormous strains on the waste collection and disposal apparatus.
With the population of the mega city growing in geometrical progression, the drop in the subsoil water may experience a sharp increase in proportion with the increase in the population.
He also downplayed reform efforts of al-Attabani, saying "we are all reformists" and stressed that the NCP is attracting large numbers of new members, saying that their numbers are multiplying by a geometrical progression.
On the occasion Director Marwah Studio Sandeep Marwah Said there is a geometrical progression in the form and content of the films made by the students.
k], of the variables are in geometrical progression, whereas the codified ones are in arithmetical progression.
The machine tools industry is growing in a geometrical progression and demand is set to get stronger with a number of Gulf states setting up manufacturing industries, according to MidTech Engineering Solutions, a leader in machine tools.
Jefferson wrote that, below a certain point, people should be exempt from taxes and that government should "tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they rise.
Despite the retraction, the report began a geometrical progression of other reports linking mold with health issues, Gots said.
are in Geometrical Progression when the Times are in Arithmetical Progression.

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