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n. pl.1.(Zool.) The division of Mollusca which includes the land snails and slugs.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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suerrensis*, Ferdinandusa panamensis, Genipa americana, Geophila repens, Guettarda foliacea*, (H)amelia axillaris, H.patens*, H.
Among exotic one, Geophila repens presented the highest number of individuals, with 33.3% of frequency.
Hepatoprotective activity of Geophila reinformis (tender leaves) agianst CCI4 or paracetamol - induced hepatic damage in rats.
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Clase Gastropoda Cuvier, 1797 Subclase Pulmonata Cuvier, 1817 Superorden Stylommatophora Schmidt, 1856 (= Geophila Ferussac, 1812) Orden Sigmurethra Pilsbry, 1900 Suborden Aulacopoda Pilsbry, 1896 Superfamilia Arionacea Baker, 1955 Familia Punctidae Morse, 1864 Subfamilia Punctinae Morse, 1864 Genero Pichikadi novo Familia Charopidae Hutton, 1884 Subfamilia Charopinae Hutton, 1884 Genero Chellius novo
Psychotrieae: Chassalia; Chazaliella; Geophila; Hymenocoleus; Myrmecodia; Palicourea; Rudgea; Psychotria; Squamellaria.
* B G, E h Geophila macropoda (Ruiz & Pav.) B G, E h DC.