Georg Wilhelm Steller

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Noun1.Georg Wilhelm Steller - German naturalist (1709-1746)
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Georg Steller predated Lewis and Clark and John Muir and made some amazing discoveries--so it's surprising to note this provides some of rare insights on the man and his legacy--including the only scientific account of the Steller's sea cow before it became extinct.
Here Sebald presents two distinct sections, the first regarding Matthias Grunewald, a 16th-century painter, the second concerned with Georg Steller. a 19th-century botanist, before presenting a concluding autobiographical third poem.
Talking of Siberia, the Afternoon Play (R4, 2.15pm)is based on an episode in the life of naturalist Georg Steller, who sailed on Bering's 1741 expedition from Siberia to Alaska across the straits which now bear his name.