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Noun1.George Boole - English mathematician; creator of Boolean algebra (1815-1864)
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You can do this by using what are called Boolean Operators, named after George Boole, a mathematician in the mid-1800s.
Zarkadakis writes that "ten years after [Charles] Babbage's death [in 1871], George Boole demonstrated" the automation of thinking via symbolic logic (p.
In terms of theory, it was in 1847 that George Boole represented logic in a mathematical form understandable to machines, which is what we know as Boolean Algebra.
Besides the above, are Richard Feynman, Kurt G|del, Alan Turing, Jon von Neumann, George Boole, Ada Lovelace, Gottfried Leibniz, Benoit Mandelbrot, Steve Jobs, Marvin Minsky, Russell Towle, Richard Crandall, Srinivasa Ramanujan, and Solomon Golomb.
The Assembly also noted that 2015 marks the bicentenary of the birth of George Boole, whose work on the application of the principles of logic as a form of algebra underpins modern computer science.
On the historical side, Wolfram offers his views of the logician Kurt Godel, computer scientist (perhaps the original computer scientist) Alan Turing and mathematicians John von Neumann and George Boole. Wolfram provides an especially extensive discussion of Ada Lovelace and her interactions with Charles Babbage as they contemplated the prospect of powerful computing engines a century ahead of their time.
He also took a rather obscure class on the algebra of the 19th-century logician-mathematician George Boole, who applied the value of "1" to statements that were "true" and the value of "0" to statements that were "false." This class soon would prove more impactful than anyone could have imagined.
The Genius of George Boole assembles academics and global industry leaders to explore the life and importance of one of the world's greatest unsung heroes.
The logician and the engineer; how George Boole and Claude Shannon created the information age.
I am totally unconvinced that Dodson was specifically satirizing the Symbolic Logic of George Boole and Augustus De Morgan, or the Projective Geometry of Poncelet, or the Quarternions of Wm.